Annual Overview 2016

Unlock the Power of Standards

A Message From Bob Carpenter

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Dear Colleagues,

For the first time, the GS1 US® Annual Overview is digital. This reflects the deep and pervasive impact the digital world has had on the ways in which we conduct commerce and communicate. This format will provide you with options for how you want to experience GS1 US—scan streamlined content, interact with different features by rolling over certain sections, and engage on a deeper level by downloading supplementary material.

As you’ll see, the past year reinforced the importance of GS1 Standards in an ever-changing world. We worked to unlock the true power of smart, sharable, linkable data—the foundation of any customer interaction and the differentiator for organizations vying for consumers. We helped our customers move at the speed of business, using GS1 Standards to not only keep pace with change, but also anticipate the ways in which their industries will evolve through a combination of consumer, technological, and regulatory transformations. We also saw tremendous growth and innovation this year:

  • Membership grew by 13%—the third year in a row that we’ve seen double-digit growth
  • Release of the GS1 US Mobile Scan, a true revolution in product identification
  • Integration of three tools—Data Driver®, Data Hub, and the GLN Registry®—to create GS1 US Data Hub®, a powerful new platform for data creation, management, and sharing
  • Launch of the GS1 US Cash Visibility discussion group, a new industry group working to bring greater transparency and efficiency to cash logistics
  • Increased use of technology (RFID) and GS1 Standards (GTIN®, Attributes) in key business processes, leading to strong consumer information transparency, inventory accuracy, product/food traceability, and regulatory compliance

As always, the year ahead promises new challenges, but also new areas for innovation and ways to work collaboratively with industries, trading partners, and our customers. We thank you for your contributions over the past year and look forward to what we can accomplish together this year!

Bob Carpenter
President and CEO, GS1 US

GS1 believes in the power of standards to transform the way we work and live.

We create a common foundation for business by uniquely identifying, accurately capturing, and automatically sharing vital information about products, locations, and assets.

We enable visibility through the exchange of authentic data.

We empower business to grow and to improve efficiency, safety, security, and sustainability.

We are:

  • Neutral and not-for-profit
  • User-driven and governed
  • Global and local
  • Inclusive and collaborative

Unlock the Power of Standards

Over decades of technological innovation and across diverse industries, everything we do points to one thing—the integrity and usability of data. At GS1 US, we help industries and companies unlock the power of GS1 Standards to create and leverage usable data.

Unique Identification

Unique identification is the passport to the e-commerce economy, and no one understands this more than the major online marketplaces. Smart data is now a must-have for the billions of items they have for sale, and some have required every product to have a unique product identifier. As more sellers embrace private-label selling via online marketplaces, the U.P.C. codes are increasing in significance.

GS1 System of Standards

GS1 identification standards uniquely identify products, locations, and assets. GS1 data carriers and data exchange standards then enable the capturing and sharing of information throughout the system.

What's New

Advancements in technology are changing our world—and fast. At GS1 US, we are committed to helping our members and partners effectively, efficiently, and safely advance their businesses year-over-year. And for 2016, that means sourcing and implementing a new technology while also adapting and expanding our current offerings.

GS1 Mobile Scan

The next revolution in product identification is unlike any barcode you’ve ever seen. Precisely because you can’t see it at all. Imperceptible on product packaging, the GS1 US Mobile Scan gives brand owners the opportunity to provide the dynamic, robust product content consumers want while creating huge operational efficiencies for retailers.

A newly configured, comprehensive suite of tools that helps you create, manage, access, and share accurate data. Harness the power of reliable product, location, and company data to drive your business forward through the customizable offerings of the GS1 US Data Hub.

Smart Data

Smart data is critical for companies optimizing business processes, consumers making purchasing decisions, and regulators protecting public safety.

Unlock the Power of GS1 Standards to Leverage Smart Data

Our reliance on data is exploding in our work and lives with no end in sight. But we don’t just need data—we need smart data. Smart data is not only accurate and reliable, it is structured so that it can flow through all of our information ecosystems. Smart data is visible, linkable, searchable, sharable, and traceable.

ImprovedProductInformationIncreasedSupply ChainEfficiencySaferProducts andPatient CareSmarterAnalyticsBetterSearch ImprovedProductInformationIncreasedSupply ChainEfficiencySaferProducts andPatient CareSmarterAnalyticsBetterSearch

Improving the Usability of Data

Simple Product Listing

The SPL Standard helps ensure that products are accurately represented across all sales channels and are more easily discoverable by search engines—so consumers can find exactly what they want, and brand owners and retailers can match their digital product presence to their physical product offerings.

This intuitive, web-based search and discovery tool provides the detailed product information trading partners need, all in one place. Users can customize their search by industry and/or attribute preference and view attribute documentation to ensure complete accuracy.

Scheduled for May 2016, this update to the current GDSN standards will include over 1,500 changes designed to improve real-time electronic product information sharing and data synchronization in GDSN data pools. This new and improved GDSN will support businesses as they adapt to regulatory requirements and increasing data quality demands.

Industry Collaboration

The application of GS1 Standards is ever-evolving, driven by technology and ongoing engagement with industry leaders working together to forge new paths and create better ways of doing business. Eventually what was once new becomes the norm—an established way of doing business that benefits all companies.

Company Implementation

Companies of all kinds are able to put data to work solving business problems and growing their business with GS1 Standards at the foundation. With accepted industry standards and best practices in place, GS1 US provides resources to help the business community understand and implement those standards effectively.

Blessing Blanket

The Blessing Basket Project

Our on-time shipping has risen to nearly 90% and shipment shrinkage has dropped to less than 2%.”
Theresa Carrington
CEO, The Blessing Basket Project

The Blessing Basket® partners with 3,000 artisans in some of the world’s most geographically dispersed countries. With a supply chain so widespread and artisan suppliers difficult to reach, managing inventory, quality control, on-time delivery, and cash payments were onerous for this non-profit organization. To uniquely identify each woven basket, Blessing Basket assigns a GS1 Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN), which is encoded in a Universal Product Code (U.P.C.) barcode that is printed on the label applied to the basket.

DineEquity® and McLane

DineEquity® and McLane

We are seeing an increasing number of withdrawals and recalls due to allergens and incomplete labeling. It's becoming more and more important that we work together to share complete data, and if needed, to quickly and accurately find product.”
Syndee Stiles
Vice President, Operations Support

DineEquity is collaborating closely with McLane Foodservice (McLane), an industry supply chain leader and one of its major distributors, to implement case-level traceability across its entire system. Drawing on McLane's experience with GS1 Standards, DineEquity approached its suppliers about the value of using GS1 Standards. Today, many of DineEquity's suppliers use GS1-128 barcodes that carry detailed product information to its distributors' centers.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus Group

We have gained some tremendous efficiencies in our supply chain with higher throughput and more accurate order fulfillments in our distribution centers. Our problem rate has dropped by over 10 points.”
Jill Barron
Vice President of Supply Chain, Neiman Marcus Group

The Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) wanted to offer its customers a seamless shopping experience. To do so they needed better visibility across its many silos of inventory. With help from GS1 US and two GS1 US Solution Partners (Intertrade and DiCentral), NMG educated and supported its 2,700+ vendors—both large suppliers and small artisan companies—in executing NMG’s supplier enablement solution.


Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS)

As hospitals launch initiatives to track patient outcomes and population health, knowing when and where a specific product was used and on which patients will become even more critical.”
Bill Mossier
Vice President of Materials Management

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS) in Baton Rouge, LA, engaged in a two-year pilot to develop a high performance, streamlined, and automated supply chain, in large part via the implementation of GS1 Standards. FMOLHS aims to eliminate human error and bad data while putting into place supply chain processes that are automated from end-to-end—from the time an order is placed through its materials management information system (MMIS), to the delivery of the product, use of the product at the patient bedside, and accurate recording of the product in the patient’s electronic medical record.

Data Quality and Consistency

Data Quality and Consistency Are Key to CPG’s Evolution

For decades, before "Big Data" became a part of the mainstream lexicon, CPG supply chain partners operated on the assumption that shared product data was correct and complete. If inaccurate data was found, it was only visible to supply chain partners, who often considered it simply a cost of doing business. This is no longer the case today.”
February 29, 2016

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GS1 US University


The Knowledge You Need to Take the Next Step

GS1 US University is your source for educational videos, training modules, standards guidelines, webinars, and on-demand learning. Learn all about GS1 Standards, how they should be used, and how they can benefit your business. From standards novices to experts, for companies of all sizes, we have the resources you need to move your business forward.

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National Data Quality Program

National Data Quality Program

Establishing and Sustaining High-Quality Data

Developed by industry stakeholders from every facet of the supply chain, this program provides the framework, education, and training today’s organizations need to manage and share the highest quality data.

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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Customized Implementation Support with Industry-Specific Expertise

Fully leveraging GS1 Standards to optimize your supply chain takes a keen understanding of GS1 Standards, but also a deep knowledge of industry best practices for applying those standards to specific business processes. This is where the consultative approach of GS1 US Advisory Services can help your organization.

We help individual companies bridge the gap between their existing supply chain processes and today’s industry-approved best practices and standards-based solutions—enabling them to achieve greater supply chain efficiencies. Whether you are in apparel, consumer packaged goods, general merchandise, grocery, foodservice, fresh foods, hardlines, healthcare, or retail, we offer a unique mix of technical and business expertise to address your specific challenges.

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Solution Partners

Solution Partners

The Implementation Professionals

Our solution partners offer services, hardware, software, business intelligence and data base applications supporting the implementation of the GS1 Standards. A GS1 US Solution Partner must pass rigorous GS1 US certificate training and include GS1 Standards as a key component of their offered products and services. This, plus access to on-going training, helps GS1 US Solution Partners give expert advice on GS1 Standards and support the implementation needs of 300,000+ member companies across 25 industries. They are a valuable resource to seek out through our U.S. and Global partner portals as well as at events like GS1 Connect®.

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Standards Support Services

Standards Support Services

Make Sure Your Data is Smart Data

GS1 US offers Product Measurement Services to confirm that dimensional data in the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®) is accurate and standards-compliant. Our Barcode Verification Services further increase the reliability of each barcode, so that they scan the first time, every time.

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Online Tools

Online Tools

The Power to Use GS1 Standards Easily and Effectively

GS1 US provides a variety of interactive tools to help you implement GS1 Standards correctly. Whether you need assistance creating product identifiers and barcodes or want to search for product, company, or location information, we have the tools you need.

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Customer Support

Customer Support

Help is Just a Phone Call or Email Away

At our Dayton, Ohio call center, we receive more than 200,000 requests from our members every year. Our Customer Support team is ready to assist members in meeting a variety of requests—from how to create a barcode, to understanding data synchronization, to consulting in applying GS1 Standards for a particular company.

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GS1 Connect

The GS1 Connect® Conference is the best-in-class annual event where GS1 Standards users, GS1 US experts, trading partners, and industry leaders come together to share insights, tools, and best practices for leveraging GS1 Standards to improve supply chain visibility, efficiency, and collaboration.

Washington, DC

GS1 Connect 2016
June 1-3, Washington, DC

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Las Vegas

GS1 Connect 2017
June 19-22, Las Vegas, NV

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GS1 US Board of Governors

Leadership Committed to Standards

GS1 US Board Chairman

Mark Alexander
President, Campbell North America
Campbell Soup Company

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Chief Operating Officer, ITS
Premier, Inc.
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Senior Vice President, Business Development Grocery and Customer Service
Publix, Inc.
Bob Carpenter
President & Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Information Officer
QVC, Inc.
Francis “Ken” Duane
Chief Executive Officer, Heritage Brands and North America Wholesale
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Senior Vice President, Merchandising
Wegmans Food Markets
Robert Howell
Vice President, Supply Chain
Sysco Corporation
John W. Inwright
President & Chief Executive Officer
Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Co-op, Inc.
Mel Landis
President, The Minute Maid Company
Coca-Cola North America
Peter Longo
President, Macy’s Logistics and Operations
Macy’s, Inc.
Miguel Lopera
President & Chief Executive Officer
Amit Menipaz
Vice President – Structured Data
ebay Marketplaces
Chris Resweber
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
The J.M. Smucker Company
Katherine Ross
Vice President, Customer & Logistics Services
Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain
Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc.
Sanjay Sarma, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Joseph Sheridan
President & Chief Operating Officer
Wakefern Food Corp.
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Chief Executive Officer
GS1 Canada
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President, US Pharmaceutical
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